Tallinn Airport

extension render by studio ARGUS


Tartu mnt 101, Tallinn, Estonia


15 000 m2


Tallinna Lennujaam, Infragate Group



Interior Architecture

Margit Argus, Katariina Teigar, Mariia Korolova


Under design

The esteemed Lennart Meri passenger terminal, crafted by architect Mihhal Piskov in the late 1970s, has been a cornerstone of Tallinn’s aviation landscape. As air travel continues to grow, it’s imperative to enhance our facilities to ensure the safety and efficiency of our passengers and flight operations.




Our project is guided by principles of environmental friendliness, visual appeal, and sustainability. We integrate climate neutrality and prioritize environmentally friendly materials to balance aesthetics with long-term environmental responsibility.

Extensive thought has gone into selecting and placing furniture, creating social spaces that exceed expectations for both passengers and staff. Together, these design choices form a unique and functional interior environment, reflecting our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

We honor the airport’s history and regional characteristics by preserving past successes while embracing modern design solutions. For instance, our spacious entrance atrium and clear layout pay homage to the airport’s heritage while maintaining a unified and contemporary aesthetic.

Join us as we transform Tallinn Airport into a cutting-edge and sustainable transportation complex, where the best practices of the past merge seamlessly with innovative designs for the future.