Private House in Sõrve


Sõrve Peninsula, Saaremaa, Estonia


340 m²


Private Person

Design Team

Margit Argus, Eliise Harjak, Laura Ojala

Nestled on the Sõrve peninsula emerges an architectural creation that mirrors the essence of modern design while harmonizing with the surrounding natural spectacle. Positioned on a verdant hill, its distinctive sloped roof and wide glass facades frame the expansive ocean views, creating a visual symphony of architecture and nature.

Inside, the ambience shifts to one of quiet sophistication, where the interplay of concrete, wood, and neutrals crafts spaces that invite calm and contemplation. Each room, from the piano-adorned living area to the light-filled bedrooms, is a testament to the design’s ability to forge serene spaces. Precision in every detail, from décor to functionality, underscores the dwelling’s quiet luxury and elegance.

This residence stands as a silent ode to the serenity and beauty that design can instil, serving as a tranquil seashore sanctuary. Through a selection of images, the essence and tranquillity of this Sõrve peninsula abode are shared, inviting a moment of appreciation for its understated elegance.