Narva Municipal Housing


Vestervalli 17, Narva, Estonia


3 600 m²


Narva City Government

Design Team

Margit Argus, Eliise Harjak, Kristo Põlluaas, Mariia Korolova

Open Design Contest

2nd prize, 2023

Situated in Narva’s Old Town, the architectural marvel on Vestervalli Street seamlessly blends contemporary living with historic allure. Two buildings engage in a visual dialogue, featuring private balconies, ground-floor terraces, and gardens. Crafted from cross-laminated timber and adorned with reddish-brown brick façades, the structures emanate warmth.

A delicate equilibrium is struck between openness to city vistas and shielding from the evening sun. The three-story buildings boast roofs with discreet solar panels. Sustainable practices are woven into the project, utilizing permeable materials, turf paver parking spaces, and granite-clinker pathways. Energy efficiency takes centre stage, featuring compact volumes, balcony awnings for solar protection, and rooftop solar panels generating power for water heating and electricity. The structural adaptability shines through with cross-laminated timber construction.

The project’s goal is to acquire designs for two municipal apartment buildings of varying sizes, to be erected on city-owned property at Vestervalli 17 in Narva. These designs also serve as a standard solution for future city-owned properties in the Old Town district. The municipal apartment buildings aim to offer modern living conditions for public sector professionals, fostering the motivation of higher-qualified specialists to work in Narva. Immerse yourself in urban living with a touch of history.