Headquarters of KPMG Estonia


Ahtri 4, Tallinn, Estonia


2130 m²


KPMG Baltics

Design Team

Margit Argus, Emely Mihkelsoo, Maris Kerge


Completed in 2024

Step into the serene and innovative spaces designed for KPMG. Every corner has been thoughtfully crafted, creating a blend of functionality and elegance.

From the cosy, padded meeting pods to the expansive, light-filled open offices, a harmonious balance between comfort and productivity has been achieved. Soft, muted tones of blue and grey invite calm focus, while the use of modern furniture and clean lines offers a sleek and professional atmosphere.

The spaces whisper stories of collaboration and inspiration, where ideas are nurtured, and creativity flourishes. Each area, meticulously designed, speaks of the care and precision that went into its creation, ensuring an environment where excellence can thrive.

At KPMG, the workplace has been transformed into a canvas of innovation, designed to inspire and support every endeavour.