Estonian Embassy in Paris


17 Rue de la Baume, 75008 Paris, France


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia

Design team

Margit Argus, K├Ątlin Lond

Invited Design Contest

2022, 1st prize

The revitalization of the Estonian Embassy in Paris unveils a seamless integration of historical significance and contemporary design, underscoring enduring artistic ties between Estonia and France. The entrance is characterized by patterned ceramic tiles and light-coloured walls, complemented by a serene courtyard retreat. Estonian oak furniture defines versatile spaces on the first floor, accompanied by a renovated kitchen and adaptable terrace.

The second floor epitomizes Estonian artistry with light-toned walls and Baltic Sea-inspired silk curtains. Modernized offices on the third floor maintain a harmonious equilibrium between history and functionality.

Thematic office spaces on the upper floors expand, mirroring the undulating waves of the Baltic Sea. The basement reveals a revitalized relaxation area with a sauna, encapsulating the vision of an inviting and culturally rich embassy.